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Monday September 30, 2002

Feeling at home

I spent the whole day today in the gallery... taking down artwork, patching holes, sanding. Tomorrow I'll be doing more sanding and painting the walls. I'm tired. And it's hot. And my wonderful dorm has no air conditioning (thank God I don't live on the fourth floor). But I like working in the gallery. I belong there. Cheesy, but true. Right now I have to study for my methods test. I hate methods.

Yesterday Steph and I actually got our lazy tushies out of bed and went to church down the street. There were a lot of other BW students there, and the pastor was really friendly. She greeted everyone afterward, and seemed to know everyone's names (except for ours, of course). We were given paper grocery bags to take home and fill with food for the local shelter. I don't have anything, so I'll be food shopping as soon as I get my check on Thursday. I am definitely going back to church there next Sunday.