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Monday February 03, 2003

Starting the week

Another start to the weekly grind... I had badminton this morning with my crazy football coach teacher. Usually I have only bad things to say about that class, but today went pretty well. No birdies smacking into my forehead; no crazy football boys making me run in circles trying to catch up with them; no embarrassment. Actually won a game (yay) if you can believe that. Now if I can only become a super-fast athlete in the next two weeks before tournaments begin, I'll be all set (please recognize the sarcasm).

Afterward I headed to the psych lab where we were supposed to start experimenting. One thing after another was going wrong in there. There has to be some kind of bad karma or something. I mean, I don't really believe in karma, but whatever. Bad karma. We didn't experiment, and we won't be for another few days.

Right now I'm trying to nurse my little tongue which I accidentally bit really hard about five minutes ago. It's one of those bites that shocks you into making these weird faces for about 60 seconds. At that point you realize you've drawn blood (which is really nasty). Biting your tongue hurts more than getting punched in the shoulder. Mine is pretty wicked. I hate that.