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Sunday February 16, 2003

Good things in life

I think I'm done being melodramatic for a while. My attitude starts bumming people out, and I don't want to be the kind of person that always brings people's spirits down. So today I'm going to make an effort to be happy in spite of the bad things going on. There may be an impending war and I may be stressed more than I'd like to be, but there are good things out there, such as:

childhood friends
high school friends
college friends
online friends
making crappy artwork
going to the museum
growing a bonsai tree
hanging out on the weekends
the Goonies
web design
caramel apples at school carnivals
playing with photoshop
hot chocolate after a walk in the cold
finishing a good book
getting a card in the mail
getting anything in the mail
C.S. Lewis
a fresh box of Crayola crayons
sleeping in until 11:00
warm socks out of the dryer
road trips
graduating from anything
black t-shirts
seeing an old friend after several years
having siblings
great white sharks
Chinese food from Speed Wok
understanding family members
grandmas that spoil you
getting a new show at the art gallery
late-night phone calls with friends
knowing you're loved
having an awesome pastor
loving somebody else
seeing pictures of yourself as a kid
Malley's chocolate VW Beetles
being in college
getting along with your roommate
A's on your report card
Seventh Heaven
et al

I swear, I am going to try not to use the word discouraging in my vocabulary for at least another 30 days. After all, with all the good things I have, it would be shameful to spend so much time feeling so down. Instead of being discouraged about the state of affairs today, it would be a good idea to counteract that stuff with a big fat worldwide love-fest. Where to start?

Concerning more mundane matters, I've been wondering if there are any other fans of the long-defunct animated show Donwtown out there? It only lasted for a few episodes, but it was my favorite show at the time. Anyone, anyone? If only it could have lasted as long as the Simpsons.