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Monday February 17, 2003

Random thoughts (what else?)

Sometimes I sit down to blog and I have to stop and think for a while about what I want to write. My life is boring like that. But I figure I should at least record the day's event or my thoughts of the moment so that later I can come back and remember what a dork I am. My blog today is so random.

My complaint for the night (or one of them, actually) is that it bothers me when my words are twisted around to mean something they don't. If I blog about the importance of love, it gets turned around on me by those who believe that love should be nothing more than a whoopin' switch. I hate that.

I've been working on the website for the lab I work for here at school, and two of my subpages were rejected by the school's web director. Even though she's a notorious nit-picker I can't for the life of me figure out what problem she had with the site. One of the pages was my personal profile page. Does she not like me, or something?

Stephanie, I hope you feel better soon. I know we all feel bummed sometimes (and believe me I get more than my share of bummage) but I don't like seeing you not happy. It stinks.

Brina is getting a digital camera, and I have to say I'm somewhat jealous. A digicam is something I've always wanted, but my sorry paycheck will never be able to afford one. Maybe I shouldn't want things like that so badly --they are just material objects I could do without, and it's not like God isn't taking (really) good care of me. But I keep thinking, I'd really love one of those.... Stop it, Drina.

There are only a few more weeks to graduation, and it's making my heart beat a little faster. I'm happy and nervous at the same time. Five years of grad school are just around the corner, and I wonder whether or not I can hack it. I'm hoping when I get that big fat PhD I'll look back on my anxious dorkiness and laugh.

Yesterday's good things list is missing a few things. A couple little items should be in there (Kazaa, Olive Garden, snow angels, digital cameras), along with some not-so-little items (um, God). How I forgot these, I don't know. Perhaps it's the stress-induced degeneration of my brain cells, but I can't say for sure.

I got a parking ticket this morning. Shucks.

Yes, I really did say shucks.

For a class of mine, I have to answer (in research paper form) a couple questions. One of them is about how different animals are from humans. I though that one would be easy. After all, animals don't have all the higher cognitive processes that humans do, they do not have complex human emotions, and aren't capable of understanding our differences anyway. But one thing that stops me from writing that: how the heck do I know that? I don't, really.

And those are my thoughts for the day.