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Wednesday February 19, 2003


WE HAVE A NEW ADDITION TO THE VURBIC FAMILY. That's the message my brother IMed me with this morning. Of course, I knew I wan't going to become an aunt... he would have called me if Sarah was pregnant. I thought maybe he got a new guitar. Turns out they bought themselves a couple of fish --black tetras (I think).

Bro said that if they don't die within a year maybe they'll start talking about kids :) Of course, that will mean that I have to stay far, far away from them. I don't have the best track record with pets. All of the fish I've ever owned have died within three weeks, I accidentally killed my bunny when I was 11, and at the tender age of five I let one of our parakeets go because I wanted him to be free.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not I should be working in an animal laboratory... I'm sure the higher-ups wouldn't be happy if I let happen to the rats what has happened to my pets. I'm being very, very careful.