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Friday February 21, 2003

I've got a hole in my finger

Youch. Today in the lab I was weighing our little guys (doing the normal health check) when one of them spazzed out and bit me. He probably freaked out because I almost dropped him (my bad) but he got me pretty good on my left index finger. Even though the rats we take care of are really clean animals, I decided to go to the death cen... er, health center and get a tetanus shot. It's been over a decade since my last one, so I figure I might as well get that booster now.

About half an hour ago some man started shouting at me outside the school's library. He approched me and asked if I wanted to join his Bible club, and muttered a few things (which I couldn't completely understand) about staying away from motorcycles because they'll mess you up. Normally, I would say, "Thanks for asking me, but I'm not interested right now. God bless!" After all, I attend a church now and am active in a few things. But I kinda blew this guy off with a "no thanks" because to be completely honest, I was a little freaked out. It's not everyday someone shouts at me and mumbles about motorcycles. Am I being judgemental? I dunno.

Right now I'm at work (in the computer lab, not the animal lab) bored outta my mind. My roomie went home for the weekend, so I have the place all to myself (what to do?) I want to go see a movie, but I'll probably end up watching one of Steph's movies in the room. Maybe I'll grab someone and go to the coffee shop down the street.

This is too funny.