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Thursday February 27, 2003

Thanks, Mr. Rogers

I think this article has it right: Mr. Rogers was exactly what a tv preacher ought to be. A lot of people don't know that he was an ordained Presbyterian minister. But he was not a loud, agitated televangelist who guaranteed healings in exchange for donations. He didn't rant about this politician or that gay group. He simply gave kids a tv refuge from all that crap, and walked his talk with love and grace. Each episode of his show was a dose of peace for those living a frenzied life. I loved him as a kid, and he showed me that people can be caring and kind. I think it's accurate to say that a light has gone out of the world. I'm kinda sad about it, but there are so many folks out there whose lives he made better, and they'll take that and pass it on. What manner of man was this? A kind-hearted and faithful one. I love Mr. Rogers!

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