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Saturday February 19, 2005

Blogging in America

Here are some interesting blogging facts from a Pew Research Study that I gleaned off of Benediction Blogs On.

Interesting facts:
8 million Americans (7%) have blogs of their own
14 million American (12%) have commented on blogs
32 million Americans (27%) read blogs regularly
74 million of Americans (62%) don’t know what a blog is

Some demographics:
57% male
48% under 30
70% use broadband
82% have been online six years or more
42% have household incomes over 50K
39% have university degrees

Eight million Americans have blogs? Can you believe that this medium has become so popular? When I started blogging, it was beginning to take off, but I had no idea it would become like this. Now everyone and their mother has one (except for mine). Some food for thought.


Sometimes I wonder where they get these statistics... and in particular, I wonder about the percentage of male bloggers to female bloggers. Granted, the statistics in the report you cited seem closer than stats I've seen in the past...

It just seems to me that there are more female bloggers than male ones.... It just seems that most of the really popular blogs (top 100 at technorati and truth laid bear) tend to be male dominated (and eerily overly political).

nikkiana on February 20, 2005 01:11 PM

Nikkiana, it seemed to me also that more women had blogs than men. Of course, since millions of Americans have them now, I haven't seen all of them so I really wouldn't know... but those stats surprised me too.

Drina on February 20, 2005 08:02 PM