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Saturday March 12, 2005

Like the loser that I am

I'm sitting here at my computer, watching Garden State in 10-minute long spurts; my enjoyment of Zach Braff's masterpiece being occasionally interrupted by AOL Instant Messages from buddies who are too far away to hang out with me tonight. In college I was surrounded by friends, annoying dorm neighbors and their boyfriends all day, every day. But now that I'm, as Jake calls it, a "working stiff," I find myself without company more than I'd like to be.

I'm irritated by the fact that I have to pencil my friends into my datebook. Now that we're all "working stiffs," we're forced to play endless rounds of phone tag, trying to pinpoint days and times we can meet for shopping trips, movie nights, and chats at the coffee house. As a typical twixter, my friends have become my family. And I hate the fact that my budding adulthood is keeping us separated. Don't get me wrong; there certainly are perks to post-college life. The fact that I haven't written a research paper in quite a while is something to be thankful about. But watching DVDs by myself on a Saturday night most certainly is not. This sucks.


OK, here was my Saturday night... I hung out with all of the hubby's side of the family, about 25 of them when an imprompto get together was formed. Hubby left after 15 minutes to play poker with his buddy's leaving me to fend for myself. Tried the best to get the kids to bed at an early time. Had a friend over and bashed our other so called friends that only call when they want something, then (and I admit that I was drunk at the time and still am) went on an online dating service that one so called friend is a part of, looked at all the potential mates and emailed a selection for her to choose from.
I've said it before (and I think on your blog) and I will say it again, It is better to have a few friends that WILL pencil you into their datebook ( God Bless A.O.) when they find time in their busy schedule, than to pray that the so called ones might call on the off chance that they have nothing better to do.

LizU on March 13, 2005 01:18 AM

Eh, you're probably right... I just always imagined my adult life to follow the "Friends" pattern... getting an apartment, spending half of my time at Central Perk sipping lattes with my buddies. Such is not the case.

Drina on March 13, 2005 04:33 PM