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Sunday July 10, 2005


Bloggers, help me out. Everyone else stop reading, you probably won't understand my pain.

I don't know if WordPress a gift from God to liberate me or a curse from Satan to frustrate me. It's got so much to offer, yet seeks to make things as complicated as humanly possible.

Do I really need to edit 52,931,204 templates?

Come on now.

After hanging with Movable Type for some years now, it's hard switching to something so completely and utterly different (and seemingly illogical).

Why does it not give you the option to view all of your comments?


Posting will be light here until I figure it out and switch over. Don't bother commenting... I turned it off for unregistered visitors. I've been getting 500 spams a day that I have to manually delete.

Oy again.