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Wednesday July 27, 2005

Thrice rejected, once accepted?

Early next week I'll be hopping on a flight for a job interview in Atlanta. I'm excited to get out of Cleveland for a couple days, and it'll be great to see Stephanie, a.k.a. My Old Roomie again. Right now I'm whipping through my closet like a class 5 hurricane trying to find the right outfit to wear. Professional interviews and hot hot heat just don't mix.

I'm really looking forward to impressing the hell out of my prospective employer. Of course, whether or not that happens will all depend on my tongue-tiedness at the interview. Sometimes my mouth cooperates with me, and sometimes it doesn't. We'll see.

This is currently my only shot for moving on up in the science universe. Today I got online to check the status of another position that I applied for only to find that I had been listed as a "reject."
Three times. I'm not kidding. Look:


Was that really necessary?

I guess this is the new business model for deflating one's hopes: rejection redundancy. Maybe they were trying to nip any shameless begging in the bud. So with that job out the window, I'm going to focus even harder on making the most of my current opportunity. Next Monday I'm off. Wish me luck, and I hope I won't come back a reject.


Drina-diva, best of luck in the interview.

And what gives with the whippin' smiley, Deedee?

From internal exile, Monster from the Id

Monster from the Id on July 28, 2005 12:33 PM

I've been looking for some new and interesting smilies to add to the collection. I knoew you'd like it.

Drina on July 28, 2005 01:22 PM