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Monday August 29, 2005

Reason #87 I don't watch MTV

Last night, after twenty minutes of unsatisfying channel flipping, I decided to check out the Video Music Awards for old time's sake. When I was a kid, I watched every year; memorized every moment. But the last few years have been a turn-off, with the awards (and MTV in general) becoming too hip-hop heavy for my taste.

At first I was optimistic that things would be different. Green Day opened the show with a great performance, but aside from a brief moment or two (Dane Cook's brief comedy bit and My Chemical Romance's insane performance) the rest of the show was a bust.

What was that weird, melodramatic, new age Lord of the Dance on crack number that Diddy used to open the show? I half expected Enya swoop down from the ceiling and start a duet with Kanye West. It was really strange. They really need to give Chris Rock a standing invitation to host the darn thing from now on.

Although I was pumped that the Britneys and Christinas were noticeably absent, I wasn't happy with the performance roster. It seemed to me like the Source awards, complete with night club shootings, and a few rock acts mixed in to appease the Emo heads. I'm hoping that next year's show will be a little better, with so many great rock bands and musicians coming out with new stuff soon.

I won't be holding my breath.


Drina-diva, you know you're getting older if you can remember when MTV was cool!

Hungry like the wolf, Kid Charlemagne

Kid Charlemagne on August 30, 2005 01:24 AM

I'm serious, MTV lost it's cool factor years ago... right around the time Britney became popular.

Drina on September 1, 2005 10:03 AM