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Tuesday November 01, 2005


After eating three fun-size Snickers bars and a Kit Kat last night, I spent almost 120 minutes today huffing and puffing trying to make up for my bad behavior. Fat girls on treadmills can do a lot of huffing, believe me, and now I'm all out of breath. And I think I broke my hamstrings.

To tell you the truth, I'm a little disappointed with myself right now. I made a promise not to eat any Halloween candy, because a piece of chocolate is my equivalent of a Lay's potato chip --I can't have just one. But that bowl of candy at my brother's house looked too damn inviting and I got jealous of all the other guests helping themselves. So today, I kept working out until the YMCA closed in the hopes that it would cancel out the chocolate. We'll see if that strategy worked.

Before Halloween came along, I was down more than 35 pounds. I lost an entire toddler without having to dial police, and I'm really proud of that. But it worries me that I'm nowhere near done yet and already the Kit Kats are attacking. If I have to do a two-hour repentance the day after Halloween, will I ever get to leave the gym in the aftermath of Thanksgiving? And what about Christmas? Should I just invest in an air mattress and set up shop in the back corner?

Seriously, the holiday season worries me, especially due to the fact that I come from a long line of prolific holiday bakers. On Thanksgiving my mom will make seventeen dishes for each family member and prepare every kind of dessert known to man. It's a recipe for disaster, and my hamstrings can only handle so much. Seriously, I'm in trouble.


hop in a plane and visit me for Thanksgiving, I promise not to stuff you will homemade goodies...LOL

Your Old Roomie on November 3, 2005 08:00 PM

Drina-diva, "The Prolific Holiday Bakers" would be a great name for a rock band!

Your nodding acquaintance,

Kid Charlemagne on November 4, 2005 12:39 PM

To join crazy busy and unleashing the bird?

Drina on November 5, 2005 12:13 PM

Drina-diva, you're not fat, you're "Rubenesque".


Kid Charlemagne on November 5, 2005 02:22 PM