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Thursday November 24, 2005

The things I'm thankful for

So random.

For always having everything I need
My niece Maria, and the funny way she growls
Apple Ipods
Having a job to complain about
That my aunts don't nag me about getting married
The dollar section at Target
Losing 35 pounds and fitting into my jeans
Having health insurance
My Old Roomie's visit home in December
Getting to start over in life
Air hockey and Crash Bandicoot
Alton Brown's show on Food Network
The Chronicles of Narnia
Friends that tolerate my moodiness
Cindy Sheehan's courage and persistance
My grandma's wisdom and sensibility
Rachel Joy Scott
Sesame chicken from Chin's Pagoda
The fact that my car is still running
That GM won't cut my mom's job this year
MXPX and Green Day
Having a blog for whining
The most comfortable bed on Earth
People who value the freedom to dissent
The Biggest Loser for inspiration
My wonderful pets, Nikki and Weezie
Getting every green light on the drive home
That I'm still alive
The new Chipotle that just opened on Euclid Ave
Psychology and neuroscience
The awesomeness of Real Live Preacher
Having a warm coat to wear
The $10 bill I found in my pocket today
Catching a deep red sunset in my rear view mirror


Ditto on Chipotle - I don't have one here in IL, but I had it when I went back to MN for Thanksgiving. Ditto also on the comfy bed - because when I went home, I had to sleep on my mom's bed, which is HORRIBLY uncomfortable!!

Sarah on November 26, 2005 10:11 PM