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Monday January 16, 2006

I sank my Ipod

Do you think the Apple techs will laugh when I tell them that my brand new video Ipod took a plunge in the toilet? At work, no less? I'm hoping they find it amusing enough to discount the cost of repair.


You ain't getting your old one back! It's mine all mine!!! Sorry!

Bro on January 16, 2006 07:28 PM

Fine! Be that way! But I still have money left on my Ipod tab (if I remember correctly) so be prepared to buy me presents!

Drina on January 16, 2006 07:37 PM

You also sank my battleship!


Kid Charlemagne on January 17, 2006 03:49 AM

and i thought i was a dummy for walking to the store with hot rollers in my hair. hahahahaha

LizU on January 17, 2006 09:31 AM