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Friday February 07, 2003

How the web can heal

Lately I've been fishing around quite a bit for God sites... blogs and domains of everyday web nerds fixated on a higher power. When I started blogging, I became friends with quite a few of those nerds, and they put faith in perspective for me every time someone got on my case for some reason (good Christians don't pierce themselves, black t-shirts are evil, chicks are only good for cleaning socks, etc.) It was so cool reading the ramblings of other ragamuffins who weren't afraid to admit the problems they have. That kind of honesty is hard to find even in church. And every time I asked myself how I could possibly stay in this game --this religious monster that could destroy anyone as easily as a nuclear bomb-- they reminded me that it has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with God. Love. Humility. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Sacrifice. All those good things. And lately I've been having some more of those issues that make me wonder. So I surf. And I find. And I see in someone else's story what God is all about. And it all makes sense again. The wonders of web nerds...