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Tuesday February 22, 2005

Career forcast

I have a feeling that in another month or two I'll find myself complaining about some other job and some other boss. I've been working at Pleveland Plinic* for a few weeks now, and already my cheating eyes are scanning the classifieds with intense interest. I'm just not happy here.

I realize now that at my last job I was very, very spoiled. I did something I loved, spent my day with people I could at least tolerate, went to conferences and co-authored scientific articles, learned new things daily, and had a boss that cared more about my mind and my abilities than the clothes I chose to wear.

I also had a nifty title, a small crew of assistants, and a wonderful going-away party. Too bad it was a contract job, and I had to leave. Maybe I should have opted for grad school right off the bat, instead of getting a job I don't like and coming home so irritable.

* Name changed to protect my (grrrrrr) employer.


I found your site because someone asked me what the Neverending Story movie was all about and so when I went looking for the explanation somehow I clicked my way to you! You have such a great blog, I'm impressed. Hope you feel better about your job soon!

Sara on February 22, 2005 10:15 PM

I don't like the moment when we realize the job we thought would be stinkin' awesome turns out to be not so awesome and is kind of not fun.

michelle on February 23, 2005 10:40 AM