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Saturday September 28, 2002

Thanks for nothing.

My dad told me on the phone earlier today that I got a letter at home from my school's financial aid department. I got all excited thinking that the school was giving me more financial aid, since I wrote them a special cases letter letting them know how much money my family lost this year. It turns out that it was nothing more than a "we don't give a $hit" letter. All they did was give me a work study opportunity, which won't help me one bit. First of all, the jobs on campus that I can fit into my schedule have all been snatched up already. I got a job the first week thinking I had the work study offer, and then it was revoked when I found out that I didn't. They're too late. The lady who hired me, then unhired me, decided to hire me back (sort of) for only a couple hours a week (I think she felt sorry for me). But that's it. How is that supposed to help me? How is it that tuition can go up, my family's income can go down, and the financial aid department cut my aid? How?