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Saturday February 22, 2003

My rat-bitten finger

My rat-bitten finger is kinda purple today. At least around the bite part. But, since I'm fierce, I went in today and did the health check the way I usually do --gloveless. And #24 (the one that went a little crazy on me yesterday) was back to his docile self. I still love those guys, no matter how many craziness-induced tooth-or-claw wounds they give me.

Since I'm couped up in the computer lab all day today, I've been doing some homework on and off. I took a break and created a wish list from (my birthday is coming up, you know). All of my materialistic desires are now accounted for on one convenient list. Will I get anything from this list? Probably not. Maybe it's better that I don't.

Anyway, as I was perusing the virtual merchandise, I came upon a few wish lists that other folks out in webland have created (they must have been bored at work like myself). Some of them were cool, some of them were weird, and some of them were downright disturbing. I found a lot of those evil liberals are responsible for everything that is wrong with the world kinda books. Browsing the right wing literature was kind of surreal. It's amazing that there really are folks out there who think all bad things can be traced back to one group of people.

There is no such thing as a moral political party, because every group out there is doing something (or supporting something) that is selfish, immoral, or destructive. We're not perfect, folks, and nobody has the right to boast. Whether we're talking about racism, violence, greed, power, destruction, hatred, slander, etc., every political party is guilty of something.

Maybe it's the peace-and-love nerd in me at work, but I found these to be no less than discouraging. The h o s t i l i t y is incredible, especially here. Why do people love to hate women so much, that anything feminine is seen as a danger to a "great nation?"